Flight is Never Static.
And Neither is the Human Mind.

In the digital age, the generations that define us can learn just as much at home about aviation and space as they can from a traditional museum. But passion will never be sparked in a living room.

The time has come to change lives through a model as dynamic and inspirational as aerospace itself. The Georgia Air and Space Museum is a bold, new concept to connect with the inner child in everyone that has ever dreamed of the freedom of flight.

The Georgia Air and Space Museum will not be about static exhibits; it will be about telling a story. This story will be crafted around inspiring a highly-diverse, 21st century audience, unifying their interest in aerospace, and cultivating that interest throughout their entire lives. This will involve hands-on, physical interaction with aviation history to learn not only about an object, but what drives its importance, how it works and how it has impacted our society. The story will be expanded through augmented reality, interactive displays and the latest environmental and theatrical design to create a fully immersive educational and entertainment experience. Educational programming, hands-on restoration and preservation activities, tourism and business events, and community attractions including restaurants, live entertainment and special events will live continuously in one destination.