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Helicopter Simulator

Uniting the Georgia Air and Space Museum around a common purpose is the desire to provide aerospace-targeted educational programs focused on K-12 children and to empower people of all ages to benefit from the museum and the programs and activities we will offer.

Our actively-growing network of educational partnerships is the cornerstone of how we will connect minds with the most exciting air and space themed content refined and developed by leaders in the field.

Educational Flight Plan

As we near opening day, a dedicated educational program will be defined, planned and staffed under the guidance of a degreed education staff member(s) and our education partners. We will require our exhibit designers to coordinate with local education partners to work towards exhibits and displays that meet classroom objectives for various age groups. Formal classes, activities or the experience of the museum itself will be a carefully crafted process. Working with our education partners, we will work towards Dual Enrollment, Career Technical Agriculture Education (CTAE) Pathway completion and certifications.

Kids camps, hands-on activities, visiting authors and veterans, reenactors, themed events and more are all potential programs that will be organized when the timing is appropriate and funding is in place.

Education Partner(s)

Teacher and kids

We have established a partnership with DeKalb County School District (DCSD) and will build six classrooms with interactive lab space to deliver a quality curriculum in aviation and other relevant career clusters like STEM, Manufacturing, and Hospitality. DCSD is an innovative leader in education, providing a dynamic and inspiring learning experience where all students graduate ready for success.

Challenger Learning Center

Center Missions are STEM experiences designed for middle school students and available at Challenger Learning Centers around the globe. The space-themed simulation-based experiences are led by trained Flight Directors and take place in a fully immersive Space Station and Mission Control.

Aviation Learning Center

The Aviation Learning Center brings to life the energy and excitement of flight through a hands-on learning experience. Students will learn the science of flight and experience what it takes to be a pilot.They will perform a pre-flight safety inspection on a real aircraft, create a flight plan, and fly the route in flight simulators.


Aspire Takes Flight

The Aerospace STEAM Program Inspiring through Real-world Experiences (ASPIRE) is precision-crafted by the Inspire Aviation Foundation to motivate and prepare tomorrow's aerospace leaders through engaging real-world experiences today. Through ASPIRE we are creating an environment to electrify imaginations and where students excited around learning more about the world of aerospace.

Aspire Aerospace Steam Program
NAS Atlanta

Preservation program


Inspire Aviation Foundation has become the custodian of the Naval Air Station Atlanta Archives. The Naval Air Station (NAS) Atlanta Reunion Group, a group comprised of U.S. Navy veterans who served at NAS Atlanta from 1941 to 2009, have donated their photo archives, newspaper clippings and artifacts.