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Aerospace STEAM Program Inspiring through Real-world Experiences

The Aerospace STEAM Program Inspiring through Real-world Experiences (ASPIRE) is precision-crafted by the Inspire Aviation Foundation to motivate and prepare tomorrow's aerospace leaders through engaging real-world experiences today. Through ASPIRE we are creating an environment to electrify imaginations and where students excited around learning more about the world of aerospace.

ASPIRE makes this philosophy live and breathe through real-world stories, with embedded grade-level appropriate Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE) math and science curriculum. Students can immerse themselves in the action by solving problems along with the heroes in the stories.

Through ASPIRE, students can expand their vocabulary, improve critical thinking and practice crucial brainstorming and teamwork skills. They’ll also glimpse a future of potential career opportunities with ASPIRE.

Aspiration Travels Both Ways

We’re establishing partnerships with educational institutions, industry leaders, and community associations. These groups are thrilled to offer their time and expertise to help students succeed in their area of interest. The opportunities provided through ASPIRE will make dream careers obtainable for anyone willing to work and learn for them.

Where we are now

Currently the format of the program is a multi-media packet, including storyline, video clips, academic problems and interactive projects, provided to educators to be taught in 45 minutes a day over the course of a week in a classroom or virtual setting.

Phase 2
In the next phase of ASPIRE, we would like provide all material in an interactive online format. This will make the program available so students can access and experience the stories and lessons on their own.

Phase 3
Long term, we want to provide guidance on career paths, offer mentorship, provide on-the-job experiences, establish work programs, and offer financial assistance for students’ education and training.

 Small Steps Lead to Big Dreams!